Residents of Nassau County and Long Island deserve a lot better than they are getting. We strive to make sure representative Democracy takes a foothold here and becomes a mainstay of town and the county government.

Long Island Citizens for Good Government promotes issues and causes we feel are of utmost importance to citizens and taxpayers. The organization pushes for reform, changes in government and in the governmental bureaucracy, and legislation that will make office-holders more responsive to taxpayers. As such, we are offering here some suggestions for change that the organization will sponsor before legislative bodies at the town and county level.

We have seen, over and over again, (and in recent months in Oyster Bay) the results of allowing contractors doing business with government to donate money to office-holders and candidates. We want to push for legislation that would prohibit anyone holding a contract with the county from donating to candidates. For generations, this was the way business has been done on Long Island. This must stop now. Nothing can be less democratic than money passing hands from contractor to candidate. New York City has full transparency regulations. The names of contractors can easily be found online. Nassau County must follow suit, making full disclosures of all those doing business with the county. Our citizens deserve to know where their hard-earned tax dollars are going. Full disclosure laws will make this possible.